Bongo Development
Water, sanitation and education for rural Ghana  

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Adaklu Have
House in a Bongo community

Adaklu-Have (pronounced Ha-vay) is a small village near to Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana, in the South-East. It is an agricultural community which has only recently got electricity and piped water. The village has a development committee, FuHoF, which aims to improve various aspects of community life including water well maintenance and school improvements. They work with us to coordinate all projects including the construction of household latrines and water wells, and provision of hygiene products.

Ghana map

Since 2017 we no longer work in Bongo (see our history) but since it is still in our charity name here is a brief description.

Bongo district lies in the Upper East region of Ghana, in the arid north of the country. The total population is about 80,000, many of whom are subsistance farmers. It is comprised of over 200 communities most of which do not have electricity or piped water.
Bongo town is the administrative centre. It has a market every three days, and has some piped water for those who can afford it. There are schools and a small hospital. In addition there is electricity and some street lighting. Internet access is limited but mobile phones have improved this.

In the communities people rely on boreholes, hand-dug wells, and scoop holes for their daily water needs. Collecting water in buckets is an everyday part of life for women and children in this part of Africa, and water quality is frequently substandard. Currently very few people there have access to a latrine, and are therefore obliged to go 'free range'. With chickens, pigs and goats foraging in the same area this leads to a vicious cycle of contamination. Child mortality is over 20% and this is largely related to issues of water and sanitation.