Bongo Development
Water, sanitation and education for rural Ghana  

In the beginning...
Faustina Awane

Jon Elphick attended a conference in Edinburgh in 2008 where he met Faustina Awane, a Ghanaian lady working for the Bongo District Water and Sanitation Team. She was interested in providing household latrines for one of her communities in order to promote health. We joined her in raising money and then visited Bongo to see the challenges first hand.

While in Ghana we also visited Adaklu Have (Volta region) and Getiase in the Ashanti Region. As a result of this experience we started the Bongo Development Trust charity. From 2009 to 2017 we provided 150 latrines in Bongo but due to Faustina leaving Bongo we no longer operate there. However, since 2012 we have been providing latrines and water wells in the Volta region.

The Bongo Development Trust UK charity
Jon and Lesley Elphick Dave and Kathy Rees

After a year of informal fund raising we set up the Bongo Development Trust in April 2009. The trustees are Jon and Lesley Elphick and Cambridge neighbours Kathy and Dave Rees.

The trust is registered with Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a charity and can therefore reclaim tax on donations. We are also registered with the Charities Commission. A copy of the trust deeds is available on request.

Future Hope Foundation (FuHoF), Adaklu Have, Ghana

FuHoF was set up in 2008 as a self-help organisation in Adaklu Have, near Ho in the Volta region. Courage Afenyo was a teacher in Adaklu Have and was instrumental in setting up FuHoF. Courage, his wife Abigail and village elder Simon Adama are all locals from the Ho area and have, on a volunteer basis, provided all of the coordination in providing latrines and water wells.